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Floating Kidney

A floating or mobile kidney is medically known as nephroptosis.

Floating kidney. Nephroptosis otherwise referred to as renal ptosis is a disorder in which the kidney descends into the pelvic region when the patient assumes a standing position nephroptosis floating kidney. It is rare and can happen as a result of weight loss pregnancy injury and other reasons. Know the causes symptoms and treatment for floating kidney. Floating kidney sounds easily discardable.

Yet they were all part of the same cluster of disorders in which the abdominal viscera were deemed to be pathologically prone to droopiness. In an average adult each kidney is. Floating kidney is termed as nephroptosis in medical terms and commonly known as hypermobile kidney or wandering kidney. Floating kidney problem basically arises when a persons kidney does not remain at its specified position and tend to descend.

Nephroptosis may also be called floating kidney wandering kidney or renal ptosis. Nephroptosis other names floating kidney or renal ptosis specialty urology nephrology symptoms asymptomatic in most. A floating kidney medically known as nephroptosis is a condition where the kidney moves from its normal position when a person lies flat or stands upright. Glenards disease or visceroptosis appear eminently more respectable.

Recurrent urinary tract. Floating kidney which may also be called hypermobile kidney or wandering kidney is known by the medical name of nephroptosis. Some patients experience no side effects from this condition while others may have a variety of difficulties. The vast majority of people with nephroptosis dont experience any symptoms and dont require any treatment.

It is a condition that causes the kidney to drop downward especially when a person stands up or goes from a lying down to upright position. This movement is abnormal. A floating kidney medically known as nephroptosis is a medical condition in which the kidney moves downward into the pelvic area of the body especially when a person is standing. Although most organs in the abdomen may descend slightly when a person stands upright the kidneys usually do not move much almost not at all.